Breathtaking countryside, castles and medieval villages of the Anjou valley

Enjoy cruising on the gentle Mayenne and Sarthe rivers and discover The Anjou valley & the heart of France’s spectacular chateaux country.

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Breathtaking countryside, castles and medieval villages of the Anjou valley

Anjou Valley Boating Holidays. This region offers some of the most typical aspects of France with spectacular sceneries. The easy to navigate rivers of La Mayenne and La Sarthe meander through ideal settings, pretty countryside dotted with ancient woodland and of course the reputed vineyards. Explore the perfect waterside towns and villages and marvel at the numerous castles as you float by at your own pace – great for first time skippers.The Mayenne river is a wild and unspoilt waterway that is popular with fisherman and nature lovers. Bike hire is recommended to take advantage of the excellent towpaths along the Mayenne, a large part of which links up as part of the EuroVelo cycle route.

You have three bases to choose from:


The base at Sablé-sur-Sarthe is located a short walk from the town centre.It’s and idyllic setting overlooked by grand houses with cafes and restaurants nearby. There’s a small supermarket with all the essentials to prepare you need to start your cruise. Heading east the canal takes you past the grand riverside Benedictine Abbey at Solesmes, the picturesque villages of Avoise, Parcé-sur-Sarthe and Malicorne. From Sablé you can do a one way cruise all the way to Laval on the Sarthe and Mayenne rivers that will take you 1 week.


The marina on the river Mayenne is on the opposite side of the main town where you’ll find a good selection of shops. There are cafes and restaurants within walking distance. From here you have the choice of cruise routes. Heading south will take you to the city of Angers where the Sarthe & Mayenne meet before flowing into the Loire river.

There are some great moorings from where you can discover the city on foot. Known as the city of art & culture, Angers was once seat of the Plantagenet dynasty and the dukes of Anjou. It’s a lively university city and the centre is mostly pedestrianised with a thriving cafe culture. Discover the two sets of amazing 14th and more recent 20th century tapestries – both depicting the Apocalypse and the final battle between good and evil, can be found in the city’s Chateau. The relatively short yet delightful stretch of the Oudon river leading through quiet countryside is calm and easy to navigate.

Local tourist offices

The Anjou Loire Valley Tourist Board has a useful map of the area that you can view by clicking this link.

The are some good itinerary ideas to investigate in advance that you can find from following this link.

A cruise through the canals and inland waterways of France

Holiday Highlights


medieval city


picturesque benedictine Abbey


beautiful porcelain

One way cruises

make the most of your cruise holiday

The Routes

Boating holiday map

Holiday Information


Guide Prices based on 1 week boat hire
Price period 18 Mar – 28 Apr
23 Sep – 05 Nov
29 Apr – 02 Jun
09 Sep – 22 Sep
03 Jun – 23 Jun
26 Aug – 08 Sep
24 Jun – 07 Jul
19 Aug – 25 Aug
08 Jul – 18 Aug
by air*
£952pp (Sablé) £1189pp (Sablé) £1227pp (Sablé) £1287pp (Sablé) £1336pp (Sablé)
by car*
£544pp £695pp £733pp £794pp £843pp
by train*
£869pp (Sablé)
£916pp (Grez)
£1020pp (Sablé)
£1067pp (Grez)
£1058pp (Sablé)
£1105pp (Grez)
£1119pp (Sablé)
£1166pp (Grez)
£1168pp (Sablé)
£1215pp (Grez)
*Travelling by air Prices are based on London Gatwick to Nantes Airport for Sablé-sur-Sarthe departures, and they include a private transfer on arrival and departure. Other routes from your local airport might also be available – please ask for details.
by car
Prices are based on Dover to Calais ferry crossings in a standard size car measuring 1.85 x 5m. Eurotunnel & other ferry routes also available.
by train
Prices are based on Standard Class Eurostar service from London to Paris with a connecting fast train service and they include a private transfer on arrival and departure.
All prices are a guide. Prices can increase or decrease depending on availability. The prices are based on 2 people hiring a Sedan Primo for 1 week. Other boats and travel options are available please discuss your requirements with our team. We can arrange hotel accommodation before you start or at the end of your boat holiday. Please ask our team for details. Prices can change quickly – you will be quoted the current price at the time of booking. Please visit our special offers page for up to date seasonal discounts.


Boat Choices - Depending on the size of your group and your preferred boat specification it may be necessary to start from from a specific base.

Boat Ranges Sablé-sur-Sarthe Grez-Neuville Laval
Estivale More Info Duo | Quattro | Octo Quattro Duo | Quattro | Octo
Confort More Info 900 DP | 1100 | 1350 B 900 DP | 1100 | 1350 B 900 DP | 1100 | 1350 B
Sedan More Info Primo | 1000 |1010| 1160 | 1170 | 1310 Primo | 1000 | 1170 Primo | 1000 |1010| 1160 | 1170 | 1310
Riviera More Info 920 | 1130 920

From Sablé-sur-Sarthe

Duration Cruise From Sablé-sur-Sarthe KM Locks Hours
2 Day Weekend A Sablé – Malicorne – Sablé 52 10 10h
B Sablé – cháteauneuf-s Sarthe – Sablé 60 10 10h
Short Break A Sablé  – Angers – Sablé 120 12 18h
B Sablé – Malicorne -Cháteauneuf – Sablé 112 20 19h
1 Week A Sablé – Spay  – Cháteauneuf – Sablé 149 26 25h
B Sablé – Angers  – Grez – Sablé 84 10 14h
1 Week (One Way) A Sablé – Malicorne – Angers – Segré – Grez 175 27 28h
B Sablé – Angers – Cháteau Gontier – Grez 144 27 24h
Cruise from Grez-Neuville

Duration Cruise from Grez-Neuville KM Locks Hours
2 Day Weekend A Grez –  Cháteau Gontier – Grez 62 18 10.5h
B Grez –  Daon – Segré –  Grez 62 12 10.5h
C Grez –  Angers – Grez 62 8 10.5h
A Grez –  Entrammes – Grez 122 34 21h
B Grez –  Cháteau Gontier – Segré – Grez 96 24 18h
Short Break (One Way) A Grez – Segré – Laval 106 27 17.5h
B Grez – Montgiroux – Laval 110 35 20h
1 Week A Grez –  Laval – Segré – Grez 176 46 30h
B Grez –  Sablé – Malicorne –  Grez 190 42 30h

1 Week

(One Way)

A Grez –  Segré – Angers – Malicorne – Sablé 175 27 28h
B Grez –  Cháteau Gontier – Angers – Sablé 144 27 24h


Crockery etc

Full supply for the number of passengers + kitchen towel kit

Bedding and Towels:

sheets, blankets/duvets, pillows with cases

Navigation Instruction

Boat Equipment

All equipment necessary for navigation

Temporary Boat Licence

Temporary Boat Licence to use on the waterways of France

Boat Insurance

Please check on arrival  for upgrades to insurance

Breakdown assistance:

Available 7 days per week during base opening times


  • Sailing consumables: this is packaged to include engine fuel and oil, gas for the hot water and stove. On-board equipment monitors usage. This is paid locally and ranges from €5.50 to €12.80 per day depending on boat size.
  • Deposit: You will be asked to pay a deposit of €1000 per boat (1500€ for boats over 10m) and €150 to cover the cleaning (200€ for boats over 10m). This deposit covers the insurance, loss of hire and cleaning if required. The deposit is refundable on the return of the boat at the end of your cruise if it is bought back in clean and undamaged to the agreed return location.
  • SIXTO GREEN: Sailing consumables includes gas consumed on board (heating, hotplates, oven etc.), the charging of the batteries during
    your cruise and maintenance, plus a financial contribution to VNF,  the organization responsible for management of the charging terminals.
  • Cleaning service: full interior & exterior and interior or exterior.


  • Comprehensive waterways guide
  • Bicycle hire
  • Barbecue
  • Garage parking
  • One way transfers
  • Fishing equipment (an obligatory fishing licence costs €25. Please allow 2 or 3 weeks for the application process)
  • WiFi
  • Deck mattresses
  • 12/220v Converter
  • Early pick-up & late return

An all inclusive package is available for cruises of one week and longer. It includes:

  • Comprehensive waterways guide
  • 2 bicycles
  • Cleaning package
  • Fuel & gas
  • Towels & kitchen linen

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