Superb sandy beaches and fashionable seaside resorts - epicurean specialties and delicious cider


Normandy was probably inhabited by the same mix of Celts and Mediterraneans that eventually made their way across the Channel in the 6th century BC. Romans, Visigoths, Huns and Normans all conquered the region and left their mark especially the latter, hence the the name Normandy.

The coastline played a vital part in our modern history with the D-Day landings on the 4th of June 1944 during Operation Overlord and there are many monuments, memorials, museums and carefully preserved sites to visit.

Today it’s a lush land dotted with meadows and rustic farmland devoted to dairy and agriculture, renowned for its cheeses like Camembert and Pont l’Eveque, its cider – considered to be the best in the world and from which Calvados is distilled and left to mature for over 12 years.

The superb stretches of golden sandy beaches, hotels and casinos of the fashionable resorts all play a part in Normandy’s long list of attractions waiting for you to visit and experience.



a vibrant and cosmopolitan city, the capital of Normandy


a bustling port city, one of the oldest university towns in France


prettiest harbour in France where the Seine meets the sea


upmarket seaside resort

Cities to visit in Normandy

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The historic capital of Normandy, Rouen’s Gothic cathedral is the jewel in the crown of this city’s history and art. Nicknamed “city of a hundred spires” there is a wealth of places to visit.

What holidays to Normandy have to offer

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